And all the people ask: Who’s Alex?
He’s an insecure, shy guy who
prefers only one person to loneliness, the silence to million words, the tv shows and cuddles to dance in the clubs, his music all at loud to the hustle of his pollution city.
He loves to cover in his hoodies, to go outside one the rainy days for a walk or a run. He try to see the positive side in all the dark things he sees.
He lives in Italy, but he would so much to move on in a house among the mountains or to travel around the world. Yeah. This what he would to tell to you… but I’m not Alex.
So I hope you will have the opportunity of meeting him, like I had. He’s a beautiful person, a lovely guy and a faithful friend. Maybe a little bit shy… but, he’s becoming a frendly person.

Description by a lovely person G.  


I love it when I get my friends into the music I like



i don’t understand how people get so attractive like wtf take a break it’s annoying 

♥ god of sexual desire ♥